Mortal Wound

  • Zakhm-E Kari 7.7
  • Drama | Crime | 2021 | 15 * 50 min
  • Director: Mohammad Hossein Mahdavian
  • Writer: Mohammad Hossein Mahdavian
  • Producer: Mohammadreza Takht Keshian

The Mortal Wound is a gripping mysterious, crime drama, based on William Shakespeare’s masterpiece, Macbeth, which shows how humans can sink in darkness and immortality. The plot contains several characters who you can discover different layers of their personality in various episodes. These people originally are from a village and now are super-rich and in charge of several big holdings. Maleki is in charge of lots of important companies of the Rizabadi family and has had a main role in the success of the family. He thinks his boss, Haj Amoo, has ignored his attempts in these years. Maleki is under influence of Samira, X-love of Haj Amoo. Samira and Maleki got married just because Haj Amoo wanted to get rid of his love affair and also he was aware his daughter, Mansooreh, and Maleki are in love. After a mysterious death of Haj Amoo, everyone reveals his real personality, and envy between Maleki and Rizabadi families is shown. These two families commit every crime and wrongdoing to reach their goals. However, the Mortal Wound is a crime and mysterious web series that contains love stories too, which is made it more interesting for the audience worldwide.


Javad Ezati
Rana Azadivar
Hanieh Tavassoli
Saeed Changizian
Siyavash Tahmoures
Mahlegha Bagheri
Elahe Hesari



Episode 1

Al-Maliki is one of the managers of a successful company run by Nemat Rizabadi. Rizabadi instructs al-Maliki to negotiate a major oil deal with the Norwegians. After signing the contract, the Norwegians want to transfer the amount of the contract, which is several million dollars, to the company's account, but ...


Episode 2

Nemat Rizabadi asks Maliki to hold a party at his villa on the occasion of signing a contract with the Norwegians. All members of the company and their families are invited to the party. Maliki and his wife Samira have a plan in mind ...


Episode 3

Nemat Rizabadi's body is found in the bathtub of Maliki's villa. The cause of death is diagnosed with the simultaneous consumption of alcohol and opium. Mansoureh, the daughter of Haj Amoo, who lived in a foreign country for many years and managed offices abroad, enters Iran ...


Episode 4

Malek is very happy that he was able to pressure the Rizabadi family to take his share of the company. But he encounters a problem that he has to pay a visit to the old employee of the company name Karim ...


Episode 5

Maleki, who is aware of Nasser's illegal activities under the cover of Rizabadi Company, in order to increase his pressure on this family, reveals the news about Nasser being involved in the drug trade in the media. Mansoura is looking for a compromise with Malek and...


Episode 6

Samira has bought her luxurious and favorite house and is busy designing the decoration and furniture for the new house. Mozaffari goes to his office in order to make Akhavan his ally, and Malek has set a trap for Akhavan ......


Episode 7

In the Kish office, Malek shows documents to Mansoureh and suggests to Mansoureh that leave Iran with Nasser beacuse what happened to Nasser, and asks Mansoureh to give him full power of attorney to save the company from this unfortunate situation. And ....


Episode 8

Maliki enters the company and is welcomed by the staff. He achieved his dream and sat on the throne of power. Meysam has been looking for Maedeh for a few days and calls her, but Maedeh does not answer. Samira goes north with Kimia and….


Episode 9

Malek feels threatened by what happens. Along with asking for the share of those around him, the danger of Nasser and Mansoura's return has mostly occupied their minds. Now he must find a way to escape this situation.


Episode 10

The first meeting of the company's board of directors will be held without the presence of Mansoureh, Nasser and Mirlouhi. Samira, Meysam and Kimia are also present in this meeting. Samira has become more sensitive to the relationship between Kimia and Malek. Malek intends to involve his son in bigger affairs so that he can hand over the future management of the company to him . Malik and Meysam will go to Dubai, Samira and Kimia will go to the north and ……


Episode 11

Meysam's imprisonment in Dubai has created a new crisis for Malik. The fear of the case not being resolved and the execution of Meysam causes panic in the hearts of Malik and Samira and upsets the balance of their lives. An evil force has seized them, and they must find a way to get rid of it.


Episode 12

After a deliberate fire in the company's tire warehouse, another crisis has started that has gripped Malek and the rest of his partners. Maliki considers these incidents to be under Mirlohi and Nasser and wants to get rid of them. Maliki has plans to get rid of them ...


Episode 13

Maliki is secretly preparing for the transfer of documents and assets to Meysam ... With the secret that Samira revealed about her relationship with Haj Amo in the mansion, the Maliki and Rizabadi families are facing a new challenge. Meysam and Maedeh are shocked to hear this news. This secret will be the beginning of other adventures ...


Episode 14

With the death of Maeda, the conflict between the Maliki and Rizabadi families reaches its peak. Mansoureh intends to make arrangements for Nasser and Mirlouhi to enter Iran as soon as possible. With the claim she made about her son, Samira caused her family to sink into her swamp and her mental state became more disturbed after the news of Maedeh's death ...


Episode 15

With Haniyeh's brain death and Samira's mental state, and on the other hand, the impact of Maeda's death on Meysam, Maliki's family is broken, but Malik wants to protect his family in any way possible. With the murder of Mozaffari and Akhavan and the departure of Kimia, Malek has become lonely. Malek wants to free his family from the evil forces that have overshadowed them since the death of Haj Amoo. Malek goes to battle with the Rizabadis bu himself .....