The Blue Blood

  • Aghazadeh
  • Drama | Family | 2020 | 29 * 62 min
  • Director: Behrang Tofighi
  • Writer: Hamed Angha
  • Producer: Hamed Angha

Blue Blood is both a love story and a mysterious drama series, which takes on corruption among some of the children of elite and those in power in the Iranian government. Hamed Tehrani falls in love with a girl named Razieh and asks her to marry him. At the same time he is collecting evidence for Nima Bahri's corruption case. Nima’s father is one of the well-known diplomats in Iran. An hour before the wedding, Razieh reveals to Hamed that she is in fact a prey motivated by Nima to discredit Hamed. Razieh's confessional makes unfortunate fate and unpredictable events to happen in their lives.


Amin Hayaei
Amir Aghaee
Sina Mehrad
Amin Tarokh
Mehdi Soltani
Niki Karimi
Laia Zanganeh
Soraya Ghasemi
Masoud Forootan
Kambiz Dirbaz
Jamshid Hashempur