The Ordinary Folks

  • Mardom -E Mamoli
  • Situation Comedy | 2021 | 20 * 35 min
  • Director: Rambod Javan
  • Writer: Pouya Mahdavizadeh | Zahra Afshar
  • Producer: Rambod Javan

The Ordinary Folks is a sitcom about a rich mean beauty surgeon who has a luxurious beauty salon in an upper-class area of Tehran. His relatives also work in his salon, even his sister who is always fighting with him brings her staff. There is a clash between him and the members of his family which makes lots of hilarious situations.


Rambod Javan
Shabnam Moghadami
Atila Pesyani
Kamand Amirsoleimani
Khatereh Asadi
Amir Noruzi
Shadi Karamroudi