• Nargil
  • Kids | Comedy | 2021 | 15 * 40 min
  • Director: Seyed Ebrahim Amerian
  • Writer: Hamzeh Salehi
  • Producer: Seyed Ebrahim Amerian | Hamzeh Salehi

Three siblings Hamid, Hamed, and Haleh live with their parents and grandfather, Rohom. Lying has been forbidden in their family for many generations, so one day when these three children lie, their dishonesty makes a big problem for the family. Roham gives a mission to his grandchildren and sends them on an adventurous trip to rescue their parents. On this mission, siblings go along with three dolls, Nargil, Lengeh, and Liveh. But the key to be successful and help their parents is not to lie or be dishonest.


Behnoosh Bakhtiari
Mehdi Faghih
Asha Mehrabi
Sam Nouri
Siroos Hemati
Shabnam Gholikhani
Shahrzad Kamalzadeh
Sara Monjezi
Tooraj Nasr
Mohammad Hossein Mahdavian
Behrad Kharazi
Ahmad Irandoost
Meysam Rastgar


Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

kids that have arrived in three moon land duo to their rule against law sepidan's guards found them guilty and want to take them to the court of their faithful queen

Episode 4

Ververeh has made a new disaster at Rastgo's house on the other hand the kids struggle to prove to Mehrafrooz queen that they are related to Freydon Rastgo

Episode 5

Babak Rastgo has gone mad due to Ververeh's charm on him and Roham is finding a way to cure him in the land of three moons, the queen is not feeling well and all of the medicines seems to be useless

Episode 6

Mehrbanoo sister of the queen returns to Sepidan and want to go on the mission with the kids

Episode 7

after a long struggle to prove their innocence kids mission starts