Dance With Me

  • Jahan ba man berahghs
  • Family | Comedy | Drama | 2018 | 93 min
  • Director: Soroush Sehhat
  • Writer: Soroush Sehhat
  • Producer: Mohammadreza Takht Keshian

As Jahan is suffering from a fatal disease, his friends have gathered for his last birthday. They all try to make their friend happy, but their personal problems and the way Jahan interprets them in various situations makes them think about their life and themselves more than past.


Ali Mosafa
Javad Ezati
Hanieh Tavassoli
Pejman Jamshidi
Siavash Cheraghipour
Bahar Katozi
Ramin Sedighi
Pavan Afsar
Shiva Baluchi
Mahyar Pourbabaei
Mehrab Ghasemkhani
Kazem Siyahi