The Queen of Beggars

  • Malake- Gedayan
  • Romance | Drama | 2021 | 36 * 50 min
  • Director: Hossein Soheili Zadeh
  • Writer: Amin Mahmoudi | Hamed Afzali
  • Producer: Rahman Seyfi Azad | Ali Tolouei

The Queen Of Beggars is an Iranian drama, about child labor and drug trafficking in Iran. Alborz is a genius chemist living in Germany. He has come up with a new formula for a kind of drug that is 100 times more powerful than ICE but he is only going to use this for scientific purposes. For unrevealed reasons he is not able to return to Iran. He is about to marry her fiancé in Turkey where both families are going to attend. Everything is set for a memorable ceremony when Alborz's father goes into a coma. Alborz, for the last visit with his father decides to return to Iran with some smugglers but through this journey he gets kidnaped and mislead by a powerful drug mob. What they want is the recipe for Alborz new drug.


Baran Kosari
Elham Korda
Roya Nonahali
Shabnam Ghorbani
Pantea Bahram
Maryam Sarmadi
Behshad Sharifian
Reza Behbudi
Arman Darvish
Farzad Farzin
Mohammad Reza Ghaffari
Solmaz Ghani
Ali Oji