The Pig Gene

  • Jene Khok
  • Comedy | 2019 | 102 min
  • Director: Saeed Soheili
  • Writer: Saeed Soheili
  • Producer: Saeed Soheili

This story is about two prisoners known as Emad Gorbeh and Agha Reza. Agha Reza is hired by a big shot called Ruzbeh to help Emad to escape from the prison. Rouzbeh decides to kill Emad, who is the result of his father’s temporary marriage. In this way, Ruzbeh eliminates Emad from his life and gets all their father’s inheritance.


Hadi Hejazifar
Sina Mehrad
Nazanin Bayati
Behrang Alavi
Jamshid Hashempur
Elnaz Habibi
Shahin Taslimi