His Majesty

  • Ghebl-E Alam
  • Comedy | 2021 | 15 * 45 min
  • Director: Hamed Mohammadi
  • Writer: Hamed Mohammadi
  • Producer: Manoochehr Mohammadi

Naser Al-Din Shah-E Qajar who is called “His Majesty”, is seeking the Elixir of Youth. His personal physician discovers the Elixir of Youth but lots of bizarre events happen that shapes the storyline of this entertaining comedy series. The plot evolves around the Shah and his look-alike double. The story takes place in two different eras, one in Qhajar era, at 19th Century, and one in current time.


Hamed Komeili
Hadi Kazemi
Pejman Bazeghi
Shaghayegh Dehghan
Sam Derakhshani
Ardeshir Rostami