• Ta Abad
  • Drama | Thriller | 2020 | 76 min
  • Director: Omid Negareshi
  • Writer: Omid Negareshi | Amir Hossein Davatgar
  • Producer: Mohammad Najafizadeh

"For Ever" is a combination of four stories. Ali intends to break a Guinness World Record by being awake to make money in this way. He spends time with his fiancé in vain and is constantly worried about falling asleep . Abbas has a lot of debts he calls everyone to get money. He wanders in a park with his little niece and tries his luck to win money by Gambling. Morteza, like Abbas, seeks to pay off his debts. The fourth story is about a mysterious man and woman. A man who lends money to several people, but does not seem in a hurry to receive his debts and does not find anything precious in the world.


Behrang Alavi
Milad Keymaram
Mohsen Kiayee
Akbar Moazezi
Mehrdad Sedighian
Hasan Khan Mohammadpour
Helia Raji