The Atmosphere Station

  • Istgahe Atmosphere
  • Drama | Romance | 2020 | 90 min
  • Director: Mehdi Jafari
  • Writer: Mehdi Jafari | Mahin Abbaszadeh
  • Producer: Alireza Ghasemkhan

A young couple Vahid and Marjan are divorced but does not told anybody. Marjan dies in an accident and Vahid is blamed for it. Later, everyone knows about their secret divorce, and also it is revealed that Marjan has borrowed a great deal of money from their neighbors for buying illegal goods. Her deal puts Vahid and Marjan’s family in a big problem.


Mohsen Kiayee
Roya Afshar
Jaleh Sameti
Shahrokh Forootanian
Anahita Afshar
Sogol Ghalatian
Babak Behshad