Under Low Light

  • Zire Noore Kam
  • Drama | 2021 | 77 min
  • Director: Mohammad Parvizi
  • Writer: Hossein Ghanaat
  • Producer: Ehsan Rasoulof

These are the times when my life turns upside down ... because where I am, must either be dark or light ... I'm afraid to stay 'under low light.'Roya, a young woman who lives with her husband Hamed, cannot get rid of the memory of her late husband, Omid. She cannot live in the present as her past life doesn’t let her go. The story shows how the effect of Roya's gone days makes her life miserable and doesn't let her and her husband relish the moment.


Leyla Zareh
Behnaz Jafari
Tirdad Kiayee
Bita Badran
Hamid Reza Azarang
Saber Abar