Pishi Mishi

  • Pishi Mishi
  • Comedy | Kids | 2021 | 83 min
  • Director: Hossein Ghanaat
  • Writer: Hossein Ghanaat
  • Producer: Ahmad Ahmadi

A meeting between two boys from different social classes who look like each other changes their world. This awkward resemblance forces them to find out the secret of their life. As both boys live with their single parent, one of them with his dad and the other one with his mother, they believe they are brothers. But the fact is that, the resemblance is just accidental and there are not any secrets in the boys' life. As their parents see boys effort to prove they are real brothers they decide to get married , so they can come stepbrothers.


Ali Kazemi
Saed Hedayati
Nafiseh Roshan
Bahareh Rahnama
Reza Shafiei Jam
Arzhang Amirfazli
Yousef Sayadi
Sedighe Kianfar
Mohammad Shiri