• Jeyran
  • History | Rommance | 2021 | 55 * 52 min
  • Director: Hassan Fathi
  • Writer: Hassan Fathi | Ehsan Javanmard
  • Producer: Esmaeel Afifeh

It is 1852, a short while since the death of Amir-Kabir, the prime minster and the grand teacher of Nasser Al-Din-Shah-e Qajar, The Iranian King of the Qajar Dynasty. His Majesty is feeling sad and depressed after the killing of his mentor. He does not pay much attention to the main affairs of the kingdom and this has made the Mother Queen concerned. One day, in order to get away from all formalities of the palace he asks his personal bodyguard, Salman, to accompany him out of the city for hunting. The next day they go undercover to the valley where His Majesty meets an attractive young woman who grabs his attention. She, who does not recognize the King, treats him with no respect and leaves the scene quickly. Because of her big gorgeous eyes, he calls her ‘Jeyran’. The King, who can’t get the girl out of his head, orders his guard to find and bring her to the palace. But Jeyran is in love with another man. The story gets more interesting when Jeyran enters the palace. She faces a lot of challenges with her rivals and with the Mother Queen who does not see her the right fit for the King since Jayran comes from an ordinary family.


Bahram Radan
Parinaz Izadyar
Merila Zarei
Amir Jafari
Amir hossein Fathi
Ghazal Shakeri
Samira Hassanpour
Mahdi Pakdel
Setareh Pesyani
Rana Azadivar



Episode 1

The young Nasser al-Din Shah recently ordered the assassination of his beloved prime minister, Amir Kabir, and the court, the shrine, the government, and the country underwent significant changes. At the same time and in the village of Kuhsar Tajrish, Khadijeh, the daughter of Mohammad Ali Najjar, hid the joyful love of a young man named Siavash in her heart


Episode 2

Mahdolia, who is worried about the Shah's distress, is looking for a way to restore his lost spirit. Siavash's journey to Panj Sang has been longer than what was supposesd to. and the king sends a group to the Koohsar. To the house of Mohammad Ali Najjar….


Episode 3

The king's envoys come to the Koohsar with gifts and offerings. The news spreads in the village that Shah wants, the daughter of Mohammad Ali, the carpenter. The people of Koohsar are filled with happiness and walk towards Mohammad Ali's house while hitting drums and celebrating , but in the hearts of Jeyran, there is a commotion.


Episode 4

On his return from Panj Sang , Siavash stays in the caravanserai. At the same time, a caravan of Sara Gorji will be taken to Tehran. At night, some thieves attack the caravanserai. Siavash saves Sara's life but gets injured. Jeyran is restless. She does not want to go to the king's Harem, but who can refuse the king's request?


Episode 5

Jeyran is taken to His Majesty's Chamber , but the king does not want this sad Jeyran. So he dismisses her until the day when she greets the king with a red scarf as a sign of sympathy. Siavash arrives but Jeyran is gone. Where? To the king's court…


Episode 6

Salman, who found out about Siavash, ambushed him to arrest him. On the other hand, the king is waiting for Jeyran to wear red scarf, but Jeyran is still evading.


Episode 7

As promised, Siavash will be released from prison after Jeyran wear red scarf. Salman asks him to join the guards. Siavash refuses and returns to the mountains sad and angry. There, nane-Ashob says he must return to the palace….


Episode 8

To strengthen his position, the prime minister is considering proposing Malekzadeh for his son Mirza Kazem. Siavash also returns to the garrison and is supposed to go hunting with the Shah's servants. jeyran find out about this is worried. Does Siavash have a plan?


Episode 9

Jeyran who was able to put his words to action, went to the hunting camp with the king, but she did not come to hunt. Jeyran' heresy has spread in the palace. Abbas Mizza is the half-brother of the Shah, his mother - Khadijeh Chehriqi - longs for her son's kingdom… But who is Khajeh Roshan and who has a head i


Mirza Aga Khan proposes to Mahd-e-olia Malekzadeh for his son Mirza Kazem. Malekzadeh, who is still mourning the death of Amir Kabir, opposes his mother. Taji advises Malekzadeh to ask his Jeyran to help her and persuade the Shah to refuse Mirza Aqa Khan, but is it easy to block Mahd-e-olia?


Episode 11

Malekzadeh can not easily accept attending the courtship ceremony. Mahd-e-olia also does not tolerate the girl's rebellion and her anger also affects jeyran. While the Shah is facing the crisis of women in the harem, Neneh Ashob reveals a secret to Siavash….


Episode 12

The Prime Minister has a plan to satisfy Malekzadeh that must be carried out by Taji, but what privilege does Tahi want from the Prime Minister? ..


Episode 13

The wedding day is coming to an end, and this ceremony is an opportunity for the Prime Minister to carry out his plan to elect the Crown Prince. On the other hand, the wrestling competition to choose a champion becomes a competition beyond wrestling and an arena where Siavash and Shah face each other....


Episode 14

The unauthorized presence of Khadijeh Chehriqi and her son Abbas Mirza in the wedding ceremony of Malekzadeh causes chaos. The Shah is impatient with this arrogance and Jeyran, who still does not know the hidden and obvious conspiracies of the court, welcomes Khadijeh… ..