• Coal
  • Drama | Fiction | 2024 | 19 min
  • Director: Saman Lotfian
  • Writer: Saman Lotfian
  • Producer: Seyed Maziar Hashemi

Eesa and Mokhtar are two miners who get into a fight. Eesa pushes Mokhtar to the ground, and Mokhtar falls down. Mokhtar's oxygen tank hits the ground, releasing a lot of oxygen. No one notices what happens to Mokhtar's oxygen tank. While everyone is working in the mine, Eesa realizes that methane gas is leaking in the tunnel. Eesa helps several workers, but Mokhtar dies in the accident due to his empty oxygen tank. Eesa blames himself for Mokhtar's death, which he believes would be accepting responsibility for murder. Now Eesa must choose between lying and becoming a hero or telling the truth, which would make him a killer.


Sajad Afsharian
Nasrollah Radesh
Mehdi Miami