Set Me Free

  • Rahayam Kon
  • Drama | Romance | 2023 | 50 min
  • Director: Sharam Shah Hosseini
  • Writer: Majid Molaei
  • Producer: Majid Molaei

Hatef and Hatem are two brothers from a prestigious family living in Siahroud. Hatem is the eldest son of the family and loves , Maral. While there are still many uncertainties regarding the fate of his ex-wife among the people of Siahroud. Maral finds out that Younes( his brother)'s life is in danger. Hatem realizes that Younes's story is connected to his own little brother Hatef . With Hatef's return to Siahroud, two brothers get involved in a complicated love triangle, the exit of which may lead them to the borders of love and hate...


Mohsen Tanabandeh
Hootan Shakiba
Hoda Zeinolabedin
Azadeh Samadi
Mehdi Hoseini-nia
Hassan Majooni
Mona Ahmadi



Episode 1

An invitation letter from the famous singer Daniyal is delivered to Afsana, aking her on a date


Episode 2

Maral's brother Younes, who is a member of the militant group, seeks refuge with Hatem's brother Hatef, after committing an unsuccessful assassination attempt, but...


Episode 3

In order to find Younes , Hatem goes to meet someone who, upon seeing her, opens up an old story in his life.


Episode 4

Hatef is assigned to inform Maral of Yunus' death; But in this encounter, the story turns out differently for Hatef....


Episode 5

Hatef and Maral go to Tehran to get news from Younes... this companionship is filled with many events that challenge their relationship...


Episode 6

Younes' friends come to Maral after discovering the secret of his death. This incident brings the relationship of two brothers and Maral into a new challenge...


Episode 7

Maral and Hatef, by being careless in watching Rama, cause a disaster that Hatam has to carry its burden


Episode 8

Hatef and Maral are looking for Rama, and in the meantime, after some events happened, Hatef finally reveals the secret of his heart to Maral....


Episode 9

Hatem is worried about what happened in the castle that Hatem took him to their mother's grave and asks him to fulfill the promise he had made before. This speech nailed Hatef Hatem and left him at a crossroads...


Episode 10

Afsana and Bahram's wedding causes tension between Hatef and Hatem,..Hatef who is drunk gets into a fight in the ceremony and starts to reveal his brothers secrets