Blue Whale

  • Nahang-e Abi
  • Drama | Mystery | 2018 | 30 * 52 min
  • Director: Fereydoun Jeyrani
  • Writer: Bahram Tavakoli
  • Producer: Saeed Malekan

Armin, a 25-year-old computer-savvy guy, is an introvert and finds it difficult to communicate with people. So he spends most of his time with his book-reading website. His father is suffering from MS and is separated from Armin’s mother. She meets a girl on the reading website, "Jaleh", whose list of favorite books is very similar to Armin's. Jaleh introduces him to a company where she works as a graphic designer. Armin, whose computer skills are remarkable, is hired instantly as the network security officer at the company. But this is the start of many events to come as Armin gets deeper and deeper involved in the dark secrets of the company.


Leila Hatami
Saeed Soheili
Vishka Asayesh
Azadeh Samadi
Mahoor Alvand
Setareh Pesyani
Hosein Yari
Parivash Nazarieh
Elham Korda
Mostafa Zamani
Hamid Reza Azarang