Bone Marrow

  • Maghz_E_Ostekhan
  • Drama | 2021 | 107 min
  • Director: Hamid Reza Ghorbani
  • Writer: Ali Zarnegar
  • Producer: Hossein Pourmohammadi

The story is about Bahar, who has separated from her first husband and now is living with her second husband, Hossein Bodaghi. She has a son from her past marriage, and he has cancer. The doctors tried everything to cure him and using the umbilical cord blood bank is the last resort. Her former husband has been sentenced to death for murder and rape. Now, Bahar must get a divorce from Hossein so she can re-marry her son's father and give birth to a new child.


Parinaz Izadyar
Babak Hamidian
Navid Poorfaraj
Javad Ezati
Behrouz Shafie
Anita Rajabi
Pedram Hossein khani
Alireza Mirsalari