The Blue Nissan

  • Nissan Abi
  • Comedy | Family | 2022 | 20 * 50 min
  • Director: Manouchehr Hadi
  • Writer: Saeed Dolatkhani | Saeed Hooshyar
  • Producer: Ehsan Zellipoor

Reza and Jamshid are two bosom pals who married two sisters. Owning a blue Nissan truck has always been Jamshid's wildest dream and now, thanks to Reza's help, he buys one. Although these two families are not affluent, they gracefully live in peace. But winning a brand new BMW in a lottery changes Jamshid's life overnight. His financial status improves beyond anticipation and presumably, he opts for a more lavish lifestyle, unaware that these drastic changes will bring about new issues in his life.


Hosein Yari
Yekta Naser
Saeed Aghakhani
Mehran Ghafourian
Sahar Ghoreishi
Siroos Hemati
Alireza Khamseh
Jamshid Hashempur
Behnaz Jafari
Gholamreza Nikkhah