Ali is a naturally gifted yet unknown actor, and his friend Morteza uses their talent to earn a living. They perform at wealthy people's parties to surprise them with a unique style until they receive a serious offer from a private investigation company. They should disguise themselves to track down clues for cold cases. Meanwhile, a talented actress and a makeup artist join them.


Navid Mohammadzadeh
Soha Niasti
Mohammad Ali Mohammadi
Mehrvareh Sharifinia



Episode 1

Ali and Morteza, two talented theater actors who live in an abandoned theater enter complex adventures to achieve their dreams.


Episode 2

Ali and Morteza are hired to perform a surprise show, which is supposed to provide the money they need, but they must prepare themselves for other important adventures.


Episode 3

The first mission begins. Ali and Morteza, while trying to prepare for their new roles, inevitably have to face strange people.


Episode 4

In their first mission to find out the secret of the office secretary, Ali and Morteza have to add an actress named Alma to their team. After designing the plan, Alma and Ali enter the office in the role of two glass addicts until...


Episode 5

Samadian, who introduce his housekeeper as his mother, takes Sara out for dinner with " her fake mother" and Morteza, who only wants Sara's happiness and knows nothing about reality, selflessly leaves Sara alone with the man of her life! at the same time Ali and Morteza hear about Ali's mother bad health condition...


Episode 6

To enter the VIP section, Ali and Morteza have to play the role of two old men. they need their make-up artist friend Arash for this act until...


Episode 7

Ali and Alma, in the role of a middle-aged couple, confront a couple who wanted to take their father to the VIP section and succeed to change their mind , and finally Morteza and Ali enter the nursing home to find their target.


Episode 8

Ali finally manages to reach the other side of the wall and after renewing his make-up early in the morning, he and Morteza return to the VIP section and continue their search. Now that they have sreach almost everywhere, they have to make sure that the man they are looking for is not hiding ...


Episode 9

A mysterious young woman is looking for Ali. On the other hand, Ali, who is going to pretend to be a friend of Nazi's ex-husband in order to find traces of Nazi children, prepares himself to play a new role...


Episode 10

Ali, who is shocked to hear the news about Nazi's child, goes to Nazi and now he has to tell her the truth, while the young woman who is looking for Ali has reached out to Alma...


Episode 11

The proposal of a new mission involves Ali in a serious challenge; On the other hand, Morteza, who had left Sara so she can be happy, goes to Samadian to make sure that Sara is untroubled , but...


Episode 12

Realizing the predicament she is in, Alma tries to escape, but it is useless until...


Episode 13

Vahid, who managed to save Maryam from her predicament, promises her marriage. Meanwhile, Ali, along with Morteza and Alma, go to the old mansion ,to review the location of their new mission....


Episode 13

Ali, Alma and Morteza, dressed as three police agents, arrest Bayat's wife on the charge of murder and begin the interrogation.