The Rebel

  • Yaghi 8.5
  • Drama | Thriller | 2021 | 16 * 52 min
  • Director: Mohammad Kart
  • Writer: Pedram Poor Amiri | Hossein Doomari | Mohammad Kart
  • Producer: Seyed Maziar Hashemi

Javid is a 17-year-old youngster from the southern part of the city filled with shabby, old apartments. He lost his parents years ago and has nobody except his half-sister. Although Javid is a professional wrestler, he has no choice but to steal and wager on wrestling to earn a living. He is passionately in love with a girl called Abra. But her mother completely disagrees with their relationship and marriage.


Parsa Pirouzfar
Tannaz Tabatabaei
Niki Karimi
Ali Shadman
Amir Jafari
Aban Askari
Farhad Aslani



Episode 1

Javid is nobody and has no statistics or identity card. But he means everything to Abra and he is the only family that Ati has. Javid has no choice but to be a rebel in love and life.


Episode 2

Abra survived from her suicide , Javid wants to run away with her before her family send her away to Germany


Episode 3

Episode 4

Welcome to your new life

Episode 5

"No power in the world can stop someone who has a goal; go..."

Episode 6

I will tear him like a wolf...

Episode 7

the past can be forgotten , but the consequences will be with you for a lifetime...

Episode 8

Like the flight of a crow in the dark

Episode 9

I am a dead man, don't expect mercy from the dead...

Episode 10

"don't leave me alone"

Episode 11

"The smallest mistake endangers life"

Episode 12

"if I have one day left to live, I will kill "

Episode 13

"You can go back to your past or you can stay and turn your wound into a gold

Episode 14

"We should be afraid of our own shadow"

Episode 15

At some point, you have to go into the heart of the enemy empty-handed so that they understands that you don't want a war

Episode 16

the most important principle of our work : don't trust even the closest person in your life

Episode 17

"You are really a crazy rebel, how could you change everything and come here with national team ?!"

Episode 18

If the pain of your departure did not drive me mad, I wouldn't be here . sometimes you need to fall so you can get up stronger

Episode 19

Either you delete it or I will delete you...

Episode 20

tolerate the pain to Become immortal