The Agitation

  • Ashoftegi
  • Drama | Thriller | 2019 | 88 min
  • Director: Fereydoun Jeyrani
  • Writer: Fereydoun Jeyrani
  • Producer: Fereydoun Jeyrani

A twin brothers, Bardia and Barbod, meet each other after along time. These meeting is the beginning of agitation. Barbod and Bardia have had problems with each other since they were children, now after four years of not being in touch they see each other and go on a business trip. On the way, Barbod causes Bardi's death accidentally, who is rich and successful. Barbod plays Bardi's rule in his life and introduces himself as his brother. In his new life, he finds lots of dark secrets about his brother's life.


Bahram Radan
Mahnaz Afshar
Mehran Ahmadi
Nasim Adabi
Ali Milani
Nazanin Solhjoo