The Good, The Bad, The Corny; Radioactive

  • Khoob, Bad, Jelf Radioactive
  • Comedy | 2021 | 13 * 45 min
  • Director: Mohsen Chegini
  • Writer: Peyman Ghassemkhani
  • Producer: Mohsen Chegini

GBC Pejman and Sam, two close friends, have been kidnapped and taken as hostage along with a package of Yellowcake carried by Asef, the leader of the Dagestan Free Martyrs' Group. They are going to Chechnya from the northwestern border of the country. Through this way, they face many funny and unpredictable events. We will see how these two actors are used as Camouflage of international saboteurs.


Pejman Jamshidi
Sam Derakhshani
Hamed Komeili
Gohar Kheirandish
Farhad Aeesh
Mohammad Bohrani
Anahita Dargahi
Amir Mahdi Jule
Farzin Mohades
Maral Farjad
Setareh Pesyani